Empathy key to leadership

Interesting piece here regarding the EQ Summit in London recently. With all the discussion on EQ from the theory/measure side of things, it’s good to see some practical advice.

Sky CEO Jeremy Darroch is quoted as saying “A lot of the old skills of leadership aren’t fit for the future. The idea that I can sit in the corner office and call the shots is long gone. Empathy is now the single most important skill when you get to the top of an organisation. It means you can frame opportunity and challenge in the right way.”Good to hear a senior leader framing their role in that way.

Writer Daniel Pink apparently talked about reward and motivation in practical ways too – weekly one-to-one meetings with team members and asking people to reflect on their achievements daily. Not what we usually hear in this space.

With all the material we get bombarded with about strategy, technology and disruptive change, it’s good to see people remembering that simple conversations and reflections are powerful habits to develop to keep us aligned and progressing.

Who have been your role models for leaders who ‘frame opportunity and challenge’well?

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