Challenges appear in many guises, but there are some which appear again and again – challenges to do with the situation, the people and ourselves. Below are lists of the ones clients have most often asked me to help with over the years.

Think about a challenge you have right now. Check which tags in each column are closest to describing it, and write them down so you have them handy for later.


  • making mergers work
  • delivering change
  • getting value from tech
  • new products/services
  • key projects
  • restructure
  • external partnerships
  • sales and customers
  • economy/COVID
  • market changes
  • recovery & rebuilding
  • something else?


  • new boss
  • new team
  • new peers
  • performance and agility
  • business/team climate
  • trust & collaboration
  • accountability
  • uncertainty and stress
  • creativity/ingenuity
  • problem solving
  • culture
  • something else?


  • new role
  • new responsibilities
  • workload/priorities
  • flexibility/style
  • impact/influence
  • control/letting go
  • authenticity
  • decision making
  • collaborating
  • resilience
  • career
  • something else?

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