What you’d love to find is someone who’s been in your situation, has done their research, tested options, and found patterns in what makes the difference. Explaining that is best done in real time, but here’s an analogy.

You know what a lever is. You press down hard enough on one end, and you move whatever is on the other end. But once you hit the ground, that’s it. It doesn’t matter how hard you press, the other end has moved as far as it can. If you want more movement, you have to change some things.

Archimedes is supposed to have once said something like: “Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the world. “

As someone who trained originally as a design engineer, but has instead spent my career understanding the mechanics of people, innovation and change, I like his thinking. From the right position, anything is possible.  So if a lever isn’t working well enough anymore, my advice often starts like this:

Let go temporarily.

Step back.


Other places to stand;

Other fulcrums to use;

Other levers to use;

Other ways to press;

And other people to help.

My name is Alan Arnett.

I’m a seasoned guide for busy leaders navigating digital innovation and business change. I help you make change worth the effort, for everyone involved, so you make better progress.  I’ll show you where to focus, how to show up, and how to connect people by joining some dots.