Making new sense

It gets confusing because of the way we humans are wired. We like patterns and short cuts. It’s how we learn to walk, talk, drive, play sports, answer emails, run reports and meetings, and a thousand other things. We operate on autopilot for large chunks of our day. It’s really efficient.

Except. Our autopilot scans fast, so we can react fast. And it dislikes some things intensely. Ever read an unwanted email and felt your heart beat faster? That’s your autopilot reacting. Your body starts pumping chemicals that make it easy to stress and argue, but hard to think straight.

Our autopilot has very sensitive alarms set for things that don’t fit its patterns. And work is creating lots of those right now. We need to think clearly and creatively to make new sense of tough challenges. But our autopilot’s reactions make that harder. Especially when we are working across boundaries, with different patterns and triggers.

Most of the time we just cope and battle through the confusion. But that’s slow, stressful and unreliable. There are better, easier ways to make new sense of things.

I’ve been exploring, experimenting and sharing this for 20+ years now. There’s a lot of research and practice out there to help us get creative under pressure. To handle new territory. And the same core principles keep showing up.  Smart ways to handle situations, other people and yourself.  Let me show you how they work.