Making new sense

Leading ourselves

It’s a busy, noisy world.  Changes stretch us all into new territory.   Life then gets messy, because we like to make sense of it using patterns (filters, stories, habits), and patterns don’t always fit the situation.

Using patterns to make sense is efficient, but we make assumptions very quickly, and in a fast moving world that’s a problem.  We need more useful and systematic ways to handle our reactions and make new sense of things.

Connecting others

And it’s not enough to do it alone.  Useful work needs people to connect and collaborate, but we don’t handle our differences well.  We can collide opinions, navigate tensions and produce unusually useful results, but it takes attention and practice to do it well in shifting teams and relationships.

I’ve been exploring, experimenting and sharing this for 20+ years now.  There’s a lot of research and practice out there to help us perform and get creative under pressure.  To handle new territory.  And the same core principles keep showing up.  Smart ways to handle situations, other people and yourself.  Let me show you how they work.