A Map

Hopefully this is starting to make sense, but you might need more structure. So here it is. While we work with your filters, stories and actions, we apply them to some very specific questions, based around something I call a challenge map.

The challenge map has 9 boxes, which are simply the 3 components described earlier (situation, people, self), each explored through 3 steps – Here, There, Next.

We cover a lot more detail than this, and we adapt the questions a lot, but this shows you the core principles.

SituationWhat’s happening?
What’s needed?
What could better look like?
How could the story change?
How else might we solve this?
What would help?
PeopleHow do they see it?
What do they need?
What could be better for them?
How could their story change?
How else might I engage them?
What would help?
SelfHow do I see it?
What do I need?
What could better feel like?
How could my story change?
How else might I approach this?
What would help?
Challenge Map

If you picked out the tags for your challenge previously, try running them through the questions here and see what you get. Find some peace and quiet, and take your time. Once you’ve done that, try running the questions through with someone else. See if they agree with you or not.

If you want help, or just a richer understanding than you can get on your own, drop me a message.