Making new beginnings

We spend a lot of our lives getting good at things.  We build experience.  We learn to do things well and quickly.  We know how to tackle situations, and we know the useful tools and shortcuts.  We build habits that work.  We get good at our job, and we feel great.

Until things need to change.  Maybe you’re joining a new company, starting a new role, creating a new strategy, launching a new project, restructuring the team, adapting to market changes, or introducing new technology.  Whatever aspirations you have to change things for the better, the challenge is always how to balance bringing your experience with making a genuinely fresh start.  How to avoid your habits and assumptions becoming friction that gets in the way.  How to make genuinely new beginnings.

It’s not a quick fix.  Our filters, stories and habits are powerful things.  Even more so when we need to engage people with other perspectives.  But there are some equally powerful practices that make a difference.  On a good day, you do some of them already.  But most days the noise, pressure and distraction make it hard to focus.  That’s where I help.

My name is Alan Arnett. I’ve spent a few decades working in this space and refining what works, professionally and personally.  I’ve been a coach and thinking partner for leaders for almost as long.  I now teach three things that make the biggest impact on new beginnings:

  • How to shape new solutions that make real progress
  • How to contract new commitments with people who see things differently
  • How to find new resources in yourself to handle the journey

Drop me a line if are making new beginnings and want to make it easier.