So you want to grow your business.  Sometimes that means just doing more of what you already know.  But often it needs more than that.

  • Growing the business means moving in new directions.
  • Which means doing new things.
  • Which means taking yourself and other people beyond your habits.

And that’s where things get interesting. Doing anything new creates tensions – between priorities, between perspectives, and between people. The question is, how do you turn those often competing energies into traction that moves people and the business forward? The answer? By doing the groundwork.

Operating systems

Think of it like this.  On your phone you have apps that let you do useful things.  Underneath those apps is an operating system.  The operating system lets the apps function – it communicates, prioritises, makes choices, allocates resources etc.  Most of the time it works, but eventually you have to upgrade the operating system (or sometimes the whole phone) to keep up with everything you expect from it.

Organisations have apps too. If people are the users, then the apps are the strategies, plans, systems, tools and processes people use to deliver results. And organisations have operating systems, in the ways people communicate, collaborate, prioritise, make choices, and allocate time and energy.

The difference is, with people there are no simple ‘upgrade’ buttons we can run overnight.

That’s because, unlike a phone, you can’t simply create a new operating system offline and download it. The operating system is not a discrete ‘thing’ – it’s how people connect and make choices, and it’s messy. When it needs upgrading, it needs people to accept it’s not working, and step up to change it for the better, without just pointing fingers. That takes experience.

And that’s where we come in. We show you how to upgrade successfully, and to keep adapting as things keep changing.

Deliberate choices

We’re called The Exploration Habit because that’s how we help. Every successful business and leader has got there in part by developing good habits – finding what works and repeating it. Growth starts by recognising the habits that no longer serve you so well, and releasing your grip on them. Easily said, but harder to do than you think. Habits feel good because they are familiar and fast. The new world of work means dialling down the autopilot, and making more deliberate and focused choices. It feels better, but it takes practice.

Get in touch to find out how exactly.