Hi there, and welcome.

What brings you here?

You probably came here looking for ideas, not questions, but that question matters. In a hectic, connected world, you’ll find good questions help to cut through the noise and move everything forward. More of that later. You are probably busy, so I’ll cut to the chase.

The Exploration Habit shows you and your teams how to thrive and make a difference when you need to operate in unfamiliar ways to be successful. Whether you see it in those terms, or use more familiar labels like innovation or change, it’s about you wanting a new and more useful way to tackle something that matters to you.

In that case, you’re in the right place.

The need for new success strategies often creeps up on us. We get successful, we achieve things, and then one day taking the next step is just messier and more complicated than you expected. Technology is useful, but doesn’t solve everything; the boundaries of your function or business are fuzzy, and you have to deal with a fluid set of people and opinions to get anything done.

You need a new option; something simpler and more effective, which helps you get people aligned and agile in a world of movement and noise.

Introducing The Exploration Habit

I’m Alan Arnett, founder of The Exploration Habit Ltd. As I said, we show you more effective ways for you and your teams to thrive and make a difference when you need to operate in unfamiliar ways. We do that by answering three key questions:

  • How do I expand my capacity to stay clear and creative when it counts?
  • How do I build stronger alignment with people who matter?
  • How do I find simpler, useful ways to innovate and change what matters?

The philosophy

These core beliefs ground what we do, for ourselves and with clients.

  • React less – notice more
    Smart people know a lot. But these days it’s not just what you know – it’s how you pay attention and stay resourceful when things get messy.
  • Assume less – inquire more.
    In messy situations, solutions are uncertain and people disagree.
    Curiosity is the key to dealing creatively with both.
  • Hold less – move more
    If you only practice what you already know, you constrain what’s possible. So relax old habits and experiment a lot.

Solutions that work

The solutions we create are rooted in decades of experience and research, our own and other people’s. We like to think of ourselves as ‘relentlessly curious in pursuit of what works’.

Disciplines we draw from include engineering, software, consulting, change, innovation, leadership, design, psychology, sports, business, performance, neuroscience, linguistics & somatics. But we don’t limit ourselves.

We’ve developed solutions that work at BT, BP, PwC, XL Group and many other organisations. We’ve helped leaders and teams create new services, simplify processes, improve sales, start new businesses, merge companies, raise performance, and increase their impact in an increasingly messy world.