What’s the difference between working hard, and making a difference?

Well, one’s about effort; the other is about impact.

How is the balance between those at the moment for you?

When things settle into a pattern, it’s easier to know what to do to make a difference.  But patterns also come with constraints.  And sometimes we need to explore beyond them.

Sometimes because things have changed around us, and we want to respond.

Sometimes because people have different perspectives, and we want to connect.

Sometimes because, in the busyness, we want to rediscover something in ourselves.

Whatever the motivation, our personal challenge is the same.  If we just work harder doing what we know, we’re unlikely to make much real difference.  Having the impact we want means releasing our grip on the things that got us this far.  So we can explore, experiment and play – weave together the known and the new, to make a new difference.

As a leader, you’re being asked to make a difference all the time, but the advice out there tends to be both siloed (its change or innovation or performance or resilience or strategy or ..) and complicated (here’s our seven step methodology).

That’s not helpful.  Your job is not siloed.  You are not siloed.  You have to deal with multiple things happening at once, which are changing and evolving, and try to weave them together, while handling other peoples’ perspectives, and your own aspirations.

It’s complicated enough.  You don’t need complicated.  You need simple, flexible and adaptable.  Get in touch, tell me what you want to make a real difference to, and I’ll show you how to start.